Other activities and responsibilities

At the University of Lorraine (Nancy)

  • 2022-...: coordinator of the BA-level in German Studies at the University of Lorraine, UFR Arts, Lettres et Langues 
  • 2022-...: elected member of the Board of the UFR Arts, Lettres et Langues (Conseil de l’UFR)
  • 2022-...: coordinator of Erasmus partnerships (German) 

At the Research Laboratory ATILF – CNRS & UL (UMR 7118)

  • 2023-… : co-leader of the scientific area ‘Lexical Studies’ 
  • 2023-… : co-leader of the research group ‘Pragmatics, Comparative Linguistics, Corpus’ (PLICC)
  • 2023-...:  elected member of the Board of the Laboratory (Conseil de laboratoire)
  • 2024-....:   member of the Admission Committee of the EMJMD-EMLex  (European Master of Lexicography) 

At the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Lorraine (MSH L) (House of Human Sciences Lorraine)
2024-....:   co-leader of the scientific area ‘Germanopôle Transfrontalier et Europe’ (Germanopôle lorrain)


At the  Leibniz-Institute of German Language (IDS) Mannheim, Germany

  • 2018-2022: member of the International Scientific Council (= Internationaler Wissenschaftlicher Rat
  • 2023-...: member of the Scientific Advisory Board (Wissenschaftlicher Beirat) 


At the Department of German and Scandinavian Studies at the Sorbonne University

2013-2021:  coordinator of the Bachelor's degree in German language and literature at the Sorbonne University, Department of Scandinavian and german Studies 

At the Sorbonne University Linguistics Center (CeLiSo - research team UR 7332)

2021-2022: Assistant director
2014-2021: Administrator of the Website of the CeLiSo

2018-2022: Member of the Managing Board of the research team
2014-2022:  Member of the Sorbonne University Linguistics Center


National Council of Universities (CNU, Conseil National des Universités, 12 Section, German Studies) 

2019-2022Member of the Managing Board of Conseil National des Universités (the national body which validates sabbaticals and applications for lectureships and professorships) in German und Scandinavian Studies

Standing Committee of the National Council of Universities (CP-CNU, Commission permanente du Conseil National des Universités)
2020-2022 : Member of the Consultative Council


1999-...  Member of the AGES (learned society: ‘Association des Germanistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur’ – Association of German lecturers and professors in higher education)



Université de Lorraine
Campus Lettres et Sciences Humaines de Nancy
UFR Arts, Lettres et Langues
23, boulevard Albert 1er
BP 60446
F-54001 Nancy